Whiskey Type Cask Type First Fill Average Cask Strength Approx. cask capacity at fill Estimated number of 70cl bottles Cask Price
Single Malt Ex-bourbon 63.5% ABV 200 litre 350 (46%ABV) €6600.00

Alternative cask-type arrangements may be availed of by request and specific agreement.



The total cost of ownership is calculated as follows:-


  • Original cost of cask is €6600.00.  
  • Taxes become payable on release from bond.
  • Revenue charge Irish Duty estimated on yield of 112 LPA per cask at current alcohol tax rate of €42.57.  This is approximately €4767.84.
  • VAT is payable on the combined original cost and duty estimated at €2614.60.  VAT registered founding fathers may reclaim VAT.
  • Total cost on release from bond after 5 years or more is €13,982.44.
  • Minimum retail value per bottle should be in the order of €65.  Your cask should yield circa 350 bottles giving a retail value of €22750.00.
  • Giving the nature of exclusivity of your investment you may well achieve a greater return as is common in the secondary auction market.
  • A small annual fee is payable for members who wish to leave cask under bond beyond 5 years.


Above does not include bottling cost, shipping/ delivery to your destination.




  • Ensure you have read full terms and conditions and then complete purchase order form.
  • Full fee per cask is €6600.00. You may pay a discounted price of €6000.00 upfront availing of a 10% discount until 31st December 2019.
  • Alternatively, you may pay a non-refundable deposit of €2000.00 with your purchase order.  The balance of €4600.00 is payable within 60 days.  Instalments may be arranged.
  • Prices quoted are per cask UNDER BOND, excluding bottling, shipping, duty and VAT.
  • A receipted deposit acknowledgement will be issued to you.
  • After filling the casks you will be sent a stock certificate detailing the cask number, type, capacity, contents and strength.
  • We will then place one bottle of new fill póitín into your dedicated cell in our Founding Fathers Vault.
  • This offer is aimed at individuals or small groups who want to own their own unique expression and to experience their own dram once bottled.