Cask Programme

A unique opportunity to become part of Donegal history in the making.

Purchase a cask of ‘Crolly Irish Whiskey’ and become one of Crolly Founders 180 Club investors, an exclusive offer limited to the first 180 ‘Crolly Irish Whiskey’ cask sales.

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Your cask will be filled with masterfully handcrafted ‘new spirit’ and laid down in ‘Grade A’ first fill ex-bourbon oak. The spirit will lie in the quietness of time, slowly and gradually infusing with the timbers. Nature does the rest in this soft, temperate, climate. Mother Nature was kind to us here in West Donegal. When the moist Wild Atlantic airs have washed over the sleeping casks for 5 years or more, the casks will emerge from the stillness to present a sweet, smooth, exceptionally pure amber gold Irish whiskey. You can look forward to enjoying a drop of Donegal’s finest Irish Whiskey, ‘The Crolly’.

Sláinte agus sonas! - Team Crolly
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The Founders 180 Club

When the Crolly Distillery was founded in 2018, 180 casks were made available to whiskey lovers, investors and connoisseurs. Whiskey sadly fell silent 180 years ago in Donegal. Those who chose to invest in a cask are known as Founding Fathers of the Crolly Distillery. Each of these casks is individual, painted with the Founding Father’s name, fill date and cask number. Each cask will be aged in Crolly as required and bottled only when its owner decides to do so. Come bottling time, whenever that may be, every bottle is numbered and given the name of its owner. If a Founding Father decides to bottle their whiskey, it is bottled into a Crolly Whiskey bottle with a one-off Crolly Founding Fathers label. What our Founding Fathers choose to do with their whiskey once it is bottled and labelled entirely up to them. Annual Events will be held to celebrate this historical exclusive club.

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Cask Sale Terms & Conditions